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 4 Seasons Color Charts
4 seasons color charts [waterproofed/Laminated]

Great for wardrobe selection, makeup and even interior design projects. Comes with easy instructions.

Each chart is designed to blend with All colors in that season's pallet. Two charts are warm based, two charts are cool based.

Summer colors: (Cool blue sky/water) look like powdered, softer versions of very cool Winter Colors.

Spring Colors: Warm and fresh youthful colors) they have an apricot or clear yellow base like tangerine, peach, coral pink, cadet blue, clear aqua and periwinkle

Autumn colors: (Very Warm like Autumn leaves) contain muted golden or amber bases, complex colors like salmon, golden mango, pewter, ultramarine, warm teal, aurbergine and mahogany-with rich blended tones