Anti-Aging Natural Skincare plus Classic and Mineral Makeup

Cooler color tones have a blue base called an undertone) a (cool gray has no orange or yellow in it for instance.

'SUMMER' colors: are softer versions of Winter Colors. Both Summer and Winter colors are blue based. They have no orange like the Spring and Autumn Colors. Cool Rose Brown cool taupe, cool stone, soft milk white are fine.

Summers Look good in soft magentas, soft pastel pink and cool grays, powdered blues and powdery gray, lavenders, violets, Spruce and mint green Element is Water! Usually mutable and gentle, a Summer can also be indecisive.

'WINTERS look best in colors with the bluest coolest bases Think ice white, white snow, deepest ink navy, dark forest green, blue-violet sky, intense crimson red and deep blackberry wine, royal blue, deep purple, orchid, intense fuchsia. Blue Reds, Silver, Black & pure white. Element is Earth! Naturally authoritative, Winters can appear aloof or remote at times.