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Do You know Your Skintype?
Your skin may not fall into the category you think it does, but knowing whether you're dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination can stop breakouts, bring life to dull skin, and even prevent early aging. Don't buy another cream or cleanser without reading this quick run-down below.

DRY SKIN TYPE: Skin feels tight and rough and sometimes flakes or turns red from irritation.

What to Do: Soothe and nourish skin with a face cleanser that has hydrating essential oils like Panthenol Cleanser and Moisture Protecting Cleanser. A gentle scrub used a few times a week like Ultimate Scrub will help skin shed dead, flaky cells. A rich moisturizer, plus a weekly hydration mask, will boost your natural glow. Dry skin is a hotbed for fine lines and wrinkles, so look for anti-aging products. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

COMBINATION SKIN TYPE: Forehead, nose, and chin areas tend to be oily, while cheeks and eyes are dry.

What to Do: Follow the basic guidelines for normal skin, but add a weekly clay mask to just the oily T-zone areas. Use a heavier eye cream under the eyes and on cheeks and a lighter moisturizer for the rest of the face. ~~~~~~~~~~~

NORMAL SKIN TYPE: Skin has an even tone and texture and pores are small.

What to Do: Find a routine that works and stick with it. Use a general cleanser and moisturizer daily and exfoliate a few times a week to prevent the buildup of dead skin.~~

OILY SKIN TYPE: Skin becomes shiny and greasy throughout the day and pores are visibly large.

What to Do: Use a cleanser with salicylic acid to unclog pores and reduce oil production and don't skimp on moisturizer—your skin is producing oil because it isn't properly hydrated. Pick one that's oil-free. ~~~~~~~~~~~

SENSITIVE SKIN TYPE: Skin is easily irritated by products and prone to occasional breakouts or rashes.

What to Do: Prevent irritation by sticking with gentle products that are fragrance-free and have all-natural ingredients. Skip the tough scrubs, too. A new product is Redensifier Firming Nourishing Repair, Total Age Renewal and Cell Youth Actif Serum work beautifully on most sensitive skin types. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~