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Fawn Jojoba Foundation
Fawn Jojoba Foundation
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Product Description

Fawn Jojoba Foundation

Light beige with a touch of apricot for fair Spring Skin tones

Normal, dry and dehydrated skin - This liquid foundation contains natural jojoba oil that lets skin breathe.

Creamy Liquid Jojoba foundation gives a medium coverage with a soft matte finish and provides Spf-15 sunscreen.

A veil of color so natural it becomes your complexion. So moist, so light, "It feels like no-makeup... yet covers dark circles and flaws." Apply over face and throat using smooth light strokes.

Net wt 1.3 fl oz in handy plastic tube with black twist on cap, Made in the USA

Ingredients: Contains Sesame Seed oil, Safflower oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Talc, Lanolin Wax, Vitamin A, Parabens, preservatives, Titanium Dioxide, may contain ultramarines.

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