Truly amazing Cell Youth Actif Serum!
Linda  67
Linda 67

Cell Youth Actif twice a day plus Solar Defender for sun protection outdoors helps her sensitive skin stay youthful in her senior 'baby boomer' group.

"Sun tends to bring out little freckles and spots which I combat with our Retinol Resurfacing Complex at night where needed for spots/fine lines, before applying Cell Youth Actif."

Bioflavinoid Toner after gentle cleanser helps keep my pores clear and removes the chlorine & hard water to which I'm sensitive. It also preps skin ph to accept moisturizer.

I use a little Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Creme when skin feels dry because I'm allergic to natural scents and herbs. Cell Youth Actif has made my skin less dry and gives it a glow without being greasy. I add Biolipid Creme when feeling dry like in the winter, since it is unscented and very hydrating or a little Oilfree Hydrating fluid in warmer humid weather during the day after Cell Youth. Exfoliating is so important since mature skin doesn't turn over cells rapidly.

B3/Hydrating exfoliator and ultra gentle cleansing grains are good choice for sensitive skins as well as the Refiner Smoothing Age Protector.