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Makeup Styles

Natural Makeup ~ Classic Makeup ~ Dramatic Makeup Styles

4 Seasons Colors: Whatever your 'Season', you look most natural, healthy and refreshed year around in colors that reflect your own warm or cool undertones. Click on Photos below to open:

AUTUMNS look great in warm colors: salmon, orange coral, rust and warm red, oyster or ivory white, olive, tan, camel, amber, pumpkin, spice browns, pine greens, camouflage, ecru. topaz, jade, aquamarines, teal & turquoise, bronze, gold.

SPRINGS are also warm but need brighter, clearer colors like tangerine, clear khaki green, clear aqua & cadet blue, apricot, cantaloupe, coral pinks, coral red, chocolate, tobacco and golden browns, peach, cream, lime and grass greens, gold

SUMMERS colors are cool sky blue based colors- softer and not so icy or strong as Winter colors. Summers look great in pastel blue, rose pinks and lavenders, blueberry navy, cool gray, soft off white, moonstone, amethyst, freshwater pink pearls, soft silver

WINTER colors the coolest blue based intense colors: royal blue, deep purple, crimson red, orchid, vivid fuchsia, white, jet black, silver, diamond, platinum