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Makeup Styles

Natural Makeup ~ Classic Makeup ~ Dramatic Makeup Styles

4 Seasons Color Pallets in 3 different styles. Warm of Cool based- Whatever your 'Season', you look most natural, healthy and refreshed year around in colors that reflect your own natural undertones.

AUTUMNS look great in warm earthy colors: ecru, salmon, orange, rust, warm red, oyster, ivory, olive, tan, camel, khaki, pumpkin, spicy coral, plum brown, warm wine, pine, jade, aquamarine, teal, topaz, bronze, gold.

SPRINGS are neutral-warm They glow in bright, clear colors especially on and near the face: peach, apricot, nude, cantaloupe, coral pink, coral reds, periwinkle, tangerine, daisy and butter yellow, clover green, khaki, taupe golden brown, peach, cream, aqua, cadet blue, warm lime, clear green, gold

SUMMERS have cooler undertones-they glow in soft colors than seem washed out on dramatic Winters. Summers look great in pastels and mid-tones like baby blue or soft sky blue, denim, rose pinks, grayed navy, lavender, blueberry, cool grays, light amethyst, off-white, moonstone and silver

WINTER colors are blue based intense colors like royal blue, deep purple, crimson red, orchid, vivid fuchsia, deep amethyst, white, black, silver

Natural Makeup ~ Classic Makeup ~ Dramatic Makeup Styles

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