Truly amazing Cell Youth Actif Serum!

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Moisture Protecting Cleansing Lotion-Pump
Moisture Protecting Cleansing Lotion-Pump
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Product Description

Moisture Protecting Cleansing Lotion-Pump

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Now in large 8.5 oz bottle with airless pump

This professional grade Moisture Protecting facial cleanser is rich in natural oils of Kukui and Jojoba plus green tea extract in a luscious skin softening lotion. It dissolves make-up and other impurities in seconds to leave skin feeling clean and moist.

~ Lovely natural scent of cherry pit and almond oils

Massage a little onto damp skin, then rinse with warm water. Follow with Visibly Moist Toner morning & night to leave skin moist, smooth and ready to maximize the results of your moisturizer.

(also avialable in regular 4.5 fl oz size)

Made in USA.