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Help! I Need a Good Foundation
First of all, you need the right type for your skin. If you are unsure of your best foundation color, we can put a little on a sponge and send you testers.

Is your skin oily or shiny? In general, Powder Foundations are great on oilier skins. Try oil-free foundations, oil-free moisture tints, mineral powder foundations and pressed mineral powder foundations.

Does it feel silky (probably slightly dry)

or rough (probably combination or oil-sensitive skin)

Do you have splotchy spots or little red veins? Try our full coverage Creme Foundations and foundation primers for rough or splotchy skins. We also have new Flawless complexion Gels to smooth and tint under foundations or to use alone for a very sheer look.

Maybe your skin is dry and tends to wrinkle? You can use moisture hydrating lotion under your Creme Foundation, Moisture Complex or Jojoba Liquid foundation.

Look in a mirror & feel your skin and then check out our recommendations below: