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1 Cent Testers

1 Cent Testers
Item# C001

Product Description

1 Cent Testers

1 Cent Testers are to help adult customers decide between foundation colors if you tell us which ones your are unsure of using the names Write in the names of each color you aren't sure of so we can put a little on cotton pads or in little jars to compare on skin.

Postage will be added at checkout unless you are adding testers to any current order.

With a current order Simply press 1 Cent and WRITE IN the color (s) you want to test where it says 'Comments': Be specific or it will hold up your order.

*Skincare trial sizes are NOT included in 1 Cent Color testers. We purchase them from our supplier so inquire first with Linda, owner, to assist you offline. and include your phone #, full name location so owner, Linda, can return your call. We are on Pacific Time Zone.