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1 Cent Testers

1 Cent Testers
Item# C001

Product Description

1 Cent Testers

1 Cent Testers are for makeup colors. Minimum postage charge is added. If you are adding testers to any current order, just hit the add to cart with no additional mailing charge.

Added to any current purchase within the USA, there is no additional postage. Simply press 1 Cent once and in write in where it says comments: the item and what color you wish to test. Be specific or it will hold up your order.

Haven't purchased an order yet at Aura Cosmetics? The idea is to simply help you find your makeup color(s) blushes, lipstick colors, on little cotton tips cotton swatches or in tiny plastic sample cases. has no auto reorder programs- so don't worry.

Be specific and write in each product name or item ID # during checkout in the place marked 'comments'. If you can't locate where to write in colors just complete the order then email us or call, If you need help. Linda Rocheleau, owner

This is a private owned small company, for Adults who are trying to find their best colors choices.

Skincare trial sizes are NOT included in 1 Cent Color testers. We can order some trial sizes for those with sensitive skin. Prices vary so it is best to inquire with Linda first to assist you offline.