Anti-Aging Natural Skincare plus Classic and Mineral Makeup
70s-80-90s Skincare
Marianne from WA and Lera from Florida are much much younger looking than they are!

Using Solar Defender SPF-30 with Zinc oxide outside plus a hat or visor is one key to keeping skin younger longer and helps protect against skin cancers. (especially for fair-medium skins like theirs) Triple C & E is also wonderful for sun exposed skin.

New age products like Total Age Recovery Serum, Redensifier Firming Nourishing Repair and Cell Youth Actif are gentle products for mature and thin skin due to loss of hormones and collagen. They slow down signs of aging, help to reverse the look of sagging, dry or splotchy skin without any harsh acids or chemicals.

Triple C & E helps repair sun damage and is recommended pre-post skin cancer surgery. Oxygen Boosting Complex for smoker's skin and oxygen deprived skins can be layered over Cell Youth Actif or used under creams.

Sensitive skins: For those who cannot use AHA products, Total Age Corrector used daily will take the place of AHA plus add moisture and help rebuild skin.

For those sensitive to Retinol or are very dry and lacking in collagen, Redensifier works beautifully day and/or night. It can be layered over

Gentle Exfoliating can be achieved using the Ultimate Scrub which is very gentle or B/3 Enzyme Exfoliating Creme to rid skin of dead cells 2- 3 x week.

Marianne looking beautiful at 70+ and Lera in her mid 80's. These are snapshots sent to us by our happy customers.