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All 4 Seasons Color Charts

All 4 Seasons Color Charts
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Product Description

All 4-Seasons Color Charts

Unlaminated 4 chart set is now only 16.50. Unlike the laminated charts, these are not waterproof. You can use them at home or keep them safe in clear plastic protector sleeves or zip lock bags, when not in use. They help you choose the proper clothing and makeup colors for your personal season undertones.

Transformations wardrobe color charts are more versatile than color swatches. Each chart has 25 spectro-graphed pantone colors set up in columns to harmonize with virtually hundreds of colors in each season's color pallet. Made in USA.

Winter and Summer colors are cool based and harmonize with silver, platinum, charcoal gray, blue violet, blueberry, black cherry, lavender, navy blue

Spring and Autumn are warmer orange based colors that harmonize with, gold, bronze, copper, turquoise, aquamarines, corals, brown and beige tones.

Find the correct undertone color versatile it's like magic, with all four charts, and get it right with our simple directions!

Each chart is approx. 9" x 6" with a Butterfly in a 'basic color' for that Season to helps when selecting coats, shoes, purses. Each butterfly is one of the basic colors worn with that season.


The butterflies on charts...
Each Transformations color chart has a Butterfly in a basic color for that color group. The butterfly color is great for coats, suits, shoes, purses to to with most or all the colors for that person's colors.

Don't forget to include them when you test colors against each chart. Remember Gold blends with all warm colors. Silver blends with all Cool colors.