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Bamboo Blush Brush

Bamboo Blush Brush
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Product Description

Bamboo Blush Brush

This brush is used to apply blush without any visible edges and to apply a light application to skin.

All natural goat hair is extra-soft!

These brushes leave a soft feathered edge of color on cheeks and to apply mineral powder or bronzer.

The trick is to not smash the brush straight down into blush! Sweep the tip gently back and forth like you are swinging a broom across color. These brushes last many years with proper care.

You'll need to sweep back and forth several times to pick up color the first time. After that, just sweep a couple times.

CLEANING: If you need to wash brush due to excessive oils on skin, etc., use liquid dish soap. Rinse well then air dry after running clean fingers from the base of hairs to the ends to reshape brush.

Alcohol and brush cleaners aren't necessary. They tend to strip and dry out natural hair brushes. Goat hair brushes are made out of country.