anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup

Aura Cosmetics online at sells natural no mess pressed mineral blush in several colors as well as some talc free classic pressed blush colors.

We also sell traditional blush and eye shadow colors that do contain talc. None of our blushers contain chemical perfumes or added fragrances. ______________________________________

We have divided colors into the four major color theory groups also referred to as the famous 4 seasons colors in color analysis and personal imaging.

The different colors groups are named by seasons with Summer and Winter colors have cool blue bases.

Think of cool blue Sky and Summer pastels like pink rose and soft gray blues and lavenders and soft magenta, soft navy and soft cool green and soft stone or off white.

Winter ice and thunder clouds, deep ocean blue, blue violets and deep purple, deep blue red and vivid fuchsia.

Cool neutrals refer to gray, blue-gray, off-white, diamond or pure white, charcoal gray, black, cool taupe, stone, onyx, platinum and silver.


Spring wear colors that are youthful warm clear tones and bright mid tones, along with warm neutral colors like brown, warm taupes and beige and gold.

Autumns wear the warmest colors which are muted complex rich colors we often see in nature in the fall like russet and melon, warm wines, olive and olive greens, aubergine pewter, bronze camel, tan and topaz.

Warm Neutrals: Warm neutrals refer to warm-white, ivory, warm beige and cream, warm taupe, browns, camels, tans, bronze, pewter and gold