anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup

Aura Cosmetics online at sells natural no mess pressed mineral blush in several colors as well as some talc free classic pressed blush colors made in the U.S.A.

We also have traditional private label blush and eye shadows made in the USA. ______________________________________

We have divided colors into the four major color theory groups referred to as the 4 seasons color bases.

Summer and Winter colors have cool blue bases. They include blue violets and blue pinks, blue reds, blues and purples, (Cool neutrals: black, charcoal, white gray silver and platinum) ____________________________________

Springs wear colors that are warm based mostly mid toned bright colors like peaches, creams, tangerine, chocolate, coral red and aqua. Clear simple warm tones including gold.

Autumn colors have the warmest complex colors, Many are muted combinations colors mixed to create rich colors like aubergine, olive green, russet and pumpkin, hot red and plum wine. Autumn colors are often seen in nature in fall like warm squash tones, golden yellows, burnt orange, mahogany and rich browns, bronze, camel, tan, ivory whites and gold.