Anti-Aging Natural Skincare - Classic Makeup - Mineral Selections
Brows: Silver or White Hair
We can't convince manufacturers that mature women need lighter gray pencils...

"Charcoal Brow Pencil Which is a mineral based pencil, is a shade lighter than others currently being made. It is still too dark, by itself, for for all white hair.

Lighter grays are only available in pressed powder, not pencils. They can be applied over pencils to lighten and tone or used to fill in hairs.

White Hair: We suggest Light Gray #12 matte pressed powder Item #CP80W or very lightest Pale Gray #9 matte pressed powder Item #CP77W

Our silver-gray haired model (left side in photo) Is using Charcoal Gray mineral brow pencil with a layer of Lite Gray #12 pressed powder on brows

Model (right side of photo) is using Blondi Windup Brow Pencil to fill in missing brows with a layer of Pale Gray #9 pressed powder on top.

Brow powders can be sealed for longer wear with clear sealers or brow wax to extend hold and waterproof.