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buff 2N moisture complex foundation

Buff 2N Moisture Complex Foundation
Buff 2N Moisture Complex Foundation
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Product Description

Buff 2N Moisture Complex Foundation

Self adjusting emollient based Make-up combines light weight natural oils, Elastin Collagen and paba-free sunscreen to protect and cover skin.

MED coverage.

Made in the USA. Buff 2N [2 means light and N means neutral]

Net wt. 1 fl oz, in round glass bottle with wide black lid with spatula for easy mixing and application. Lightly scented and contains a little powder.

Aloe and Elastin Collagen helps protect skin. A long time favorite for those who like aloe rich Medium coverage with a creamy talc finish with paba-free sunscreen.

Aloe rich Moisture Complex foundation contains age-defying ingredients. Made in the USA.

Net wt. 1 oz semi-liquid formula in glass bottle with spatula attached inside wide black lid. Sold for more in boutiques.