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Cafe Beige Jojoba Foundation

Cafe Beige Jojoba Foundation
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Product Description

Cafe Beige Jojoba Foundation

Jojoba Foundation gives medium coverage with a soft natural matte finish and provides Spf-15 sunscreen. Contains natural jojoba oil that lets skin breathe.

A veil of color so natural it becomes your complexion. So moist, so light, "It feels like no-makeup...yet covers dark circles and flaws." Apply over face and throat using smooth light strokes.

Net Wt. is 1.3 fl oz in a handy tube. Made in the USA

Ingredients: Contains Sesame Seed oil, Safflower oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Talc, Lanolin Wax, Vitamin A, Parabens preservatives, Titanium Dioxide, may contain ultramarines.

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