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Cool Tones Summer or Winter
Cool Tones Summer or Winter

Elizabeth and 'Sleeping Beauty' are Winters with fair skin, clear blue eyes and dark hair. Winters often have high cheek bones oval faces and almond shaped eyes: usually hazel, or darker but sometimes clear ice blue eyes like Elizabeth.

Winters like Jada Pinket Smith and olympic ice skating gold metalist Christie Yamaguchi look best in blue base colors like blue-red, jet black & blue white in simple tailored clothing lines in solid colors or angular patterns such as even stripes or just two to three color patterns. ><><><><><><><><><><><><><

COOL SUMMER - Summers colors are softer more mid-tone versions of winter colors. Not so icy or intensely blue based.

Summer undertones need less dramatic contrast: soft blues, greys, and lavenders, pastel mints, cool pinks. Even deeper tones are more grayed or powdered looking, softer fabrics.

Black and White look harsh on Summers. Summers look best in softer clothing lines, solids and gentle patterns.

Winters and Summers try to avoid orange bases, mustard yellows or bronze undertones.

Silver and platinum harmonize with all Winter and Summer colors.