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Creme Beige Jojoba Foundation

Creme Beige Jojoba Foundation
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Product Description

Creme Beige Jojoba Foundation

Normal to dry and dehydrated skin,

This Creme Beige is a med-light balanced tone by a separate manufacturer is neither orange nor pink. Med-Light color

Sheer, even coverage in a lightly moisturizing, water-based formula. This foundation blends easily onto skin, provides light to medium coverage and protection against environmental pollutants. Paraben free, fragrance free.

Application: Shake well. Squeeze dime-size amount on hand, dot facial areas. Use fingertips or sponge to smooth in a downward motion, blending entirely over face.

Made in USA. Contains Sesame Seed oil, Safflower oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Talc, Lanolin Wax, Vitamin A, contains preservatives, titanium dioxide, may contain ultramarines.

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