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Gray Powder 'Comment'
Gray Powder 'Comment'

Sadly, U. S. Manufacturers discontinued light gray brow choices for mature women who need lighter grays to blend in fading brows. We no longer can get the lighter gray colors we carried for many years.

Charcoal Mineral Brow Pencil is now the only gray made in the states still being made. It can be use by those with salt and Pepper hair but it is too dark for silver or white hair.

Women need a Facebook or U-tube grass roots campaign along the lines of 'Mature Brow Colors Need!"

In Past years we received many comments like this: Gray Eyebrow Powder 'Comment'. I received the order and I LOVE IT! Thank goodness I finally found someone who carries gray eyebrow powder…..SO hard to find and there are a lot of us gray- and white-haired ladies who need it! Jill from 2017.