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Jojoba Liquid Makeup
Jojoba Liquid Makeup

New airless spray pump bottle available in 3 the most popular colors. The factory was out of their run of regular tubes with black lids in popular colors. We decided to try their new plastic airless pumps. Normally the pumps cost a bit but right now we put them on sale for the sale price as the flat look tubes.

The same great formula with the addition of a handy airless pump. Four other colors arrived in standard tubes so we separated them into another grouping to avoid confusion.

Paraben free. No added fragrance. Provides natural sunscreen spf-15. Made in U.S.A.

Application: Shake well. pump dime-size amount to dot facial areas. Use fingertips, sponge or makeup brush to smooth downward. blending over facial areas. Feather out edges for a perfect finish. .Not sure of your color? E-mail us on homepage.

The other Jojoba liquid foundation colors come in standard flat tubes with black lids.*. This makeup is all made in the U.S.A. to give medium coverage with a soft matte finish.