Anti-Aging Natural Skincare plus Classic and Mineral Makeup
Makeup Styles

Natural Makeup ~ Classic Makeup ~ Dramatic Makeup Styles

Warm Spring, Very Warm Autumn, Cool Summer, Very Cool Winter 4 color groups called Seasons. Whatever your Season, your will look healthier and more refreshed in colors that reflect your own natural undertones. Why Spring is referred to as Warm and Summer is referred to as Cool has to do with wardrobe fashions. (Peaches, Melons and Aquas appear each Spring in stores) Soft baby blues, lavenders and rose pinks tend to appear in the stores each Summer.

AUTUMNS look fabulous in complex warm and muted colors such as: pumpkin, rust, cinnamon, salmon, oyster, coral, tan, olive, pine, jade, copper, bronze, pewter, amber,gold

SPRINGS glow in clear bright mid tones especially near the face like peaches and cream, apricot, coral pink, geranium, bright periwinkle, tangerine, aqua, butter yellow, clear beiges and gold

SUMMERS have cooler undertones but are less dramatic than Winters so they look good in softer blues, lavenders, grays, pastel rose pinks, raspberry, blueberry, navy, soft off-white, moonstone, and silver

WINTERS reflect cooler blue undertones like: intense royal blue, deep purple, crimson, cranberry blue red, vivid fuchsia, dark amethyst, jet black and pure white, platinum, silver and diamond white