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Moisture Infusion Creme Masque

Moisture Infusion Creme Masque
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Product Description

Moisture Infusion Creme Masque

Moisture Infusion Cream Mask -alternate web spelling

Hydrating Moisture Infusion Creme Masque is used in professional skin treatments and sold for after care at home.

Easy to use and great for dry or dehydrated skin due to harsh weather and environment. Paraben-free

Moisture Infusion Creme Masque (Mask) infuses dry, dehydrated oil pore skin with long lasting moisture, comfort-restoring natural oils with fragrant soothing plant extracts, all within minutes.

Moisture Infusion Mask hydrates skin with a wonderful array of natural plant extracts, natural oils and antioxidants and is Naturally fragrant.

Excellent in dry climates, some of our customers in dry climates here in the states and Australia leave this mask on overnight or just wipe it off with a soft tissue rather than rinse off - great in very dry climates where skin is dehydrated.

Made in the USA. Net wt. 2 oz in frosted plastic jar

Directions: Apply generously to dry skin then wait about 10 min. until mask becomes transparent. Rinse or wipe away mask and finish with moisturizer. Use 1-2 x week or more as needed.