anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup
My Skin is Normal to Dry
Creme base is a good moisturizing choice for Normal-Dry Skins and provides good coverage.

Full coverage: try Creme Foundations in Stick Foundation or Soft Creme compacts, paramedical creme foundations.

Med coverage: Moisture Complex Liquid Foundations contain aloe and collagen.

Light-Medium coverage: Jojoba Liquid Foundation, a good choice for Normal to Dry skins.

Light Coverage: Aloe Water Base Foundations are scent free for normal to dry skin

Pressed wet/dry mineral foundation comes in bi-level compact to give light coverage for all skin types without containing oil - does not collect in lines.


Oilfree Moisture Boost Hydra gel can be applied under foundations to boost moisture.

Rough texture: Equalizing Serum before applying makeup

Foundation Primer helps keep foundation on longer

Correctors and Concealers can hide dark circles and spots

Flawless Complexion Gel under makeup evens out skin tones