Anti-Aging Natural Skincare and Makeup Colors
My Skin is Oily
For oily skin types, we suggest sticking to oil-free water base foundations or mineral powder foundations.

Loose Mineral Foundation Powder and Pressed Wet/Dry Mineral Foundation in no mess compacts are great for oily or acne prone skin

Aloe Liquid Oilfree Foundation comes in 3 light sheer colors

We also carry Aloe Waterbase Foundations also unscented (most skin types)

Powder to Creme Oilfree Makeup Foundations ( for normal to oily skins)

2-Way Wet/Dry Powder foundation in compact (normal-oily) oil free

Oilfree Tinted Moisturizers Spf15 and Anti-aging Tinted Moisturizers with Sunscreen Spf-30 (all skin types)

*Matte Oilfree Powders, Bronzing Powders or Tanning powder can also be used in place of foundation on normal to oily skin.

Shine-Free Solution just before applying foundation or powder will help to quell shine.

If skin is imperfect, try our oil-free tinted Flawless Complexion Gels before applying foundation - Red Fix calms down veins and red tones ________________________________________________