anti-aging natural skincare products and makeup
My Skin is Oily
For oily skin types, we suggest sticking to oil-free water base foundations and mineral powder foundations.

Loose Mineral Foundation Powder and Pressed Wet/Dry Mineral Foundation in no mess compacts are great for oily or acne prone skin.

Aloe Liquid Oil free Foundation comes in light sheer colors

We also carry Aloe Water base Foundations are unscented and contain glycerin rather than oils (most skin types)

Powder to Creme Oil free Makeup Foundations (for normal to oily skins)

2-Way Wet/Dry Powder foundation in compact (normal-oily)

Oil-free Tinted Moisturizers

*Matte Oil-free Powders, Bronzing Powders and Tanning powders can also be used in place of foundation on normal to oily skin.

If skin is imperfect, try oil-free tinted Flawless Complexion Gels before applying foundation these include Red Fix to calm down veins and red tones such as seen with roseacea prone skins. ________________________________________________