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Pale Gray #9 is extra light to help fill in brows for those with white hair.

Pale Gray Brow Powder #9
Pale Gray Brow Powder #9
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Product Description

Pale Gray Brow Powder #9

Pale Gray Powder #9 is a very light matte gray eye shadow used as a brow powder to fill in pale brows or over pencils to soften look.

Made in USA, comes with a tiny brow brush included.

Used to fill in brows for those with while hair. Pale Gray can also be used over blondi, charcoal or taupe eye pencils to soften color.

For longer wear, seal with Brow Fix in a tube or Brow Wax as needed.


Eye Brow Wax
Eye Brow Wax

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Eyebrow wax comes in a handy black hinged case and is perfect for taming brows and holding down powder brow colors.

Brow wax is clear for keeping brow powder and pencils in place and to tame brows.

Made in the USA.
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Eye Brow Wax CB01W