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Sensitive Skin Cleansers
Sensitive Skin Cleansers

Some people are sensitive to dyes, oils, scents & perfumes, sulfates, parabens, talc, etc.

Lightly foaming plant saponins, lipid-rich plant oils and energizing plant extracts give skin a refreshing alternative to traditional cleansers.

Skin is left comfortable - never tight or dry. All Sensitive cleansers are soap and lauryl sulfate-free

Sensitive-Very Dry Rosasea? Ultra Gentle Cleansing Lotion (Light Green)

Sensitive-Oily Rosasea Prone: Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel or Pore-Clearing Cleanser: rosacea, pustular rosacea, congested

Somewhat Sensitive - Dry: Multivitamin Purifying Face Wash

Products that are gentle and don't strip skin's natural barrier can improve skins appearance and feel. If cleansing oils bothers sensitive skins, it's good to use a toner like our Bioflavinoid Toner, Visibly Moist Toner, Pollution Solution to clear away any cleanser or hard water residue.