Anti-Aging Natural Skincare and Makeup Colors
Sisters who are Winters
Sisters Who are Winters

Winter Chic Lipsticks have cool blue bases also called undertones. Winters can wear dramatic contrasts. Summers are also have cool undertones but need softer less saturated mid tones/pastels near the face.

Black and White stripes are great on Winters, while cool based mid tone pastels or gentle flowing patterns fabrics are better on Summers. Strong angular patterns in just a couple of colors are better on Winters.

All skin looks warm to an untrained eye, but these sisters reflect cold based dramatic tones. Orange based colors clash with their coloring. Winters look drab, lost, tired or even clownish in the warm based colors.

Winters glow in raven black and pure white, cold blue violet, deep purples and rich blued reds. Some Winters can wear icy pastels, forest green or clear cold yellow without a warm cast.