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Visa/MC/Discover Paypal
Visa/MC/Discover Paypal

This store accepts Visa/MC/Discover using our secure checkout. Debit or Credit cards accepted.

We also offer Paypal option at checkout. Paypal accepts most major credit cards.

Aura Cosmetics, WA is owned and run by Linda Rocheleau. Our website address is Online since 2006.


We do not spam, share or send bulk mail or have automatic re-order programs. We don't advertise on T.V. The products we carry speak for themselves plus caring service.

Can't get your card to go through checkout? We have placed high security on our checkout. If the information on the card doesn't match your card company's information or you made a small error, your card will be rejected.

If this happens, either wait 24 hrs. to re- enter the same card or you can submit another card. This is to protect our customers.

Or you can use the same card by selecting Paypal option, if you prefer not to wait or change card. A card is only charged when an order says: Confirmed by the banking system directly to you card company. Pending means an order has not yet been sent or charged to your credit card company.

Orders are sent via post office. Remember to hit the OK button to ship. It automatically sets the shipping amount by weight. First class under 13 oz total box weight. Priority is automatically charged above that weight anywhere within the USA. All include tracking numbers.

There is no international tracking (only a US Customs #) We do have a few loyal customers in Australia, but we cannot quarantee international orders once shipped. During covid-19 We only process AU orders offline.